PEN is the premier digital media partner for reaching Central Illinois 25-49 market. Our readers are tech-savvy, busy entrepreneurs and looking for tailored information suited to their needs. We deliver engaging content and create custom branded events.

We know our audience. We are our audience. We know they don’t subscribe to the daily newspaper or even watch TV news regularly. Technology has transformed the way we consume information and we have adapted to the new way of doing business.

PEN doesn’t just sell ads. We form partnerships and collaborate with you based on your needs — from display advertising and graphic design to editorial integration and social media support. Whether it’s a product you’d like to featured in our one-of-a-kind market, a company that you want listed in our directory, a position you would like to include on our job board, or that prime piece of real estate a new business could occupy – we have several options to meet any or all of your advertising needs.

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