This article was published in collaboration with Patrick Thompson, Head Trainer at Anytime Fitness Peoria and Owner of PTxPT.

For us here in Central Illinois, we typically think that there’s not a lot of healthy options when it comes to eating out for lunch. Whether you’re a busy business person grabbing something on the go, a startup needing to fuel up or a student eating on a budget, you can even find something that qualifies at local fast-food chains. Stop by these usual suspects but be disciplined and make sure to go for their healthier options.

Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Jason’s Deli – Whether you are looking for a tasty salad or filling sandwich you can expect to leave satisfied, while not overloading on your calorie budget for the day. My personal preference: The Salad Bar.  The salad bar at Jason’s Deli is by far the best I have experienced in the Central Illinois area. If you need to fill up with the least amount of calories, choose the salad bar.

McCalister’s Deli


Chipotle Mexican Grill – As of late. Chipotle has had a bad rap. Still, they generally operate with some of the highest standards in the restaurant industry. Speaking in terms of Dietary Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates; Chipotle is a great option to limit calories while on-the-go. My personal preference: The Burrito Bowl, hold the sour cream. With this, you fill up with slow digesting carbohydrates and satisfying levels of protein.

Moe’s Southwest Grill
Qdoba Grill

A Place That Usually Has Something In A Bun

Chick-fil-A – Seeing this option on this list may be a surprise to most of you. Chick-fil-A is taking fast-food chicken and turning some heads. With healthier dietary fat oils used to cook or fry, Chick-fil-A also cares about their customers. Whether you go for their chicken sandwich or salad, you can have some ‘fried chicken’ without feeling like you ruined your nutrition for the day. My personal preference: Grilled Chicken Nuggets. While loading up on protein, the levels of dietary fats and carbohydrates are minimal. To top off an A+ meal low-calorie fast-food meal, hold the salty fries and add a cup of fruit.


Just don’t.

That’s a wrap… With any food choice, you can easily try to choose a similar healthy option between the restaurants that you enjoy the most. The same goes for if you don’t take time for your physical fitness during the workday as it does with eating a healthy lunch out of the office – you must make time for it and be disciplined with your choices. If you don’t make your personal health a priority during work hours then it’s a good possibly that the health of your business may also be at risk.

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