PEORIA, IL — OneFire, a Peoria-based innovation agency, is partnering with BuiltWorlds, a Chicago-based collaborative multimedia network, to promote understanding and adoption of new technologies in the construction and manufacturing industries.

An innovation leader, OneFire delivers digital solutions to top manufacturing companies like Caterpillar and Rheem. OneFire leverages the latest available technology, including augmented and virtual reality, to solve complex problems for its clients.

An online forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, BuiltWorlds provides news, analysis, commentary and custom content that reaches companies in the ‘built’ space, helping them connect with one another and agencies – like OneFire – that can help them move forward in an ever-evolving technology landscape.

“Technology is moving so fast. Unless new tech is your core business, it can be difficult to keep pace with the changes. At the same time, companies that do harness technology have a competitive advantage. We see that as our contribution, to help partners in these industries make sense of it and then implement it,” said Jake Hamann, OneFire CEO. “BuiltWorlds will help us accomplish that.”

“This is really a natural for us because BW and OneFire both want to engage the built environment in more creative and meaningful ways, which in turn promotes innovation,” said BuiltWorlds co-founder Matt Abeles. “The areas we cover have incredible stories and lessons to share, whether it’s one-on-one, or with broad online audiences. So I am thrilled that our two like-minded organizations were able to find each other.”

Partnering with BuiltWorlds, OneFire will be able to make strategic industry connections and utilize a powerful platform for reaching out and providing solutions.

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