If you didn’t make it to the first 1 Million Cups of 2016 in Peoria, you really missed out! Presenters Jeff Niedens and Eric Myers introduced their new product SolidStays™ and pressed “LAUNCH” on their Kickstarter project.

It’s definitely a first for the Peoria startup community to have someone launch a Kickstarter campaign at their 1 Million Cups presentation. It may actually be the first occasion that this has happened across the national network of 1MC communities.

According to Jeff, he says the idea for SolidStays™, “evolved from trying to find a solution to a problem I was having.” Both he and his business partner have the same issues with the collar stays on their dress shirts falling out in the washer and dryer or getting lost somewhere.

As someone who enjoys creating products and bringing his ideas to life, designing and engineering a product that would alleviate this situation seemed like a logical next step. “I’ve got the bandwidth,” he explains in reference to the commitment it takes to launch a new product, a crowdfunding project, and still maintain a full-time job. “My main focus after finding a a solution was, how can we validate it?”

His business partner in this effort is Eric Myers. Eric also has a full-time job and is equally a part of driving the decision-making process of SolidStays™. “We work different schedules so it seems to work out. He’ll message me when I’m free and I’ll work on stuff, and then when I’m working, I’ll shoot him a message for him to take care of things,” Eric says.

Right now the guys are working on getting their product out into the hands of people to try them out and spread the word. The entire 1MC crowd got a sample and with the production costs at a lower rate, they said that they’ve sent SolidStays™ to companies across the country.

As a supporter of the Central Illinois entrepreneurial community, how can you help? You can watch the campaign video below and help back SolidStays™ on Kickstarter!

To follow the progress of the SolidStays™ project, visit their website at SolidStays.com and follow their efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.