Last month’s ESO Roundtable hosted by Startup Peoria marked the first effort to unite the area experts, specialists, and leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Entrepreneur Support Organization, or ESO for short, is a gathering of representatives from their respective groups, organizations or companies to communicate to each other the regional programs, resources, projects, and initiatives that exist to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Greater Peoria.

While collaboration is nothing new to the field of small business development, having a dedicated monthly meeting for the sole purpose of information sharing and networking is. Randon Gettys of Startup Peoria developed the local ESO model. At the event itself, there’s the opportunity to profile a host organization, give an overview of a new program, and update the group on any ongoing projects while keeping people caffeinated in the process.

This first installment featured the work of the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, further explanation of Bradley University’s upcoming Brave Pitch accelerator, and a status update from the soon-to-open Minority Business Development Center.

Tuesday, June 14th, the ESO Roundtable meets again at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. To find out more information and register to attend the meeting, visit