If you’ve never been to 1 Million Cups® Peoria, or haven’t even heard of it yet, then PEN has you covered with a quick rundown of the event and a list of videos that are perfect for binge-watching at work while you’re boss isn’t looking. First of all, what is 1 Million Cups®? Good question. 1MC is a free, national program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Developed by the Kauffman Foundation out of Kansas City, 1MC is based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and network over a million cups of coffee.

Well then, what happens at 1MC? Easier question. Every week, entrepreneurs present their startup companies to their communities and learn how their community can help support their business to flourish. If you live in the Greater Peoria region, then attending your first 1MC event is pretty simple. It’s held on Wednesday mornings at Buzzed Coffee in downtown Peoria and gets rolling around 7:30 a.m. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in some place listening to somebody talk about themselves for hours on end. With a short 6 minute presentation, quick Q&A, and post-session networking, you’ll be into work by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. with no problem.

So there ya go… Get up and get acquainted with your startup and entrepreneurial community. Now here’s the top 1 Million Cups® Peoria charting on YouTube.

Tori Huang of Dog Jog Peoria

Levi Dinkla from iTV3

Scot Guariglia of Best Version Media

Sean Tilley of BackerKit

Brian Anderson from Notionovus

Terry Evans of Basket Buddy

Lily Scalf of Lily V Designs

Bill McKay of Coffee News Peoria

Audrey Brown of Queen Bees of Clean

This article was created in collaboration with Startup Peoria, a PEN Partner.

Startup Peoria is a program of the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council. The Greater Peoria EDC is a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization that drives economic growth in a five county region through targeted business and talent development.